Aspen Tiny Home



The Aspen Tiny Home is the definition of luxury micro living. Built in the heart of BC, this outstanding home is specifically designed for northern living.

On a 24′ custom built trailer sits a structure built with SIPs (Structure Insulated Panels) that encloses 200 sq ft of living area (lower level), and an upper level that is a 68 sq ft loft. This home is surrounded with modern conveniences and also enjoys a tiny footprint. Special care was taken to source local supplies where possible – locally milled aspen for interior siding and loft, cedar siding, metal roofing, engineered hardwood flooring, and bamboo countertops.

The Aspen comes equipped with full size appliances, and space for dishwasher or washer/dryer combo. The unit is illuminated with LED lighting throughout. Heating is in the floor with radiant heating, with an additional Lunos E2 heat recovery system and a gel fuel fireplace. Hot water is on demand and optional composting toilet built in.

Everything about the Aspen has been carefully selected to be environmentally friendly and energy saving so you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint, while still maintaining modern luxury living!

Price: $89,500


Click here for a full spec sheet on the Aspen tiny home.