What Inspired Borealis Tiny Homes?Borealis Tiny Homes Northern Living

One of owner Marco Giroux’s specialties as a carpenter for the last 10 years has been maximizing space in a way that is both beautiful and functional. When researching ideas for basement suites and kitchens, he came across the tiny home movement and became intrigued by what was creatively possible in such a small space. One day a friend made Marco realize that building these homes was in the scope of his skill and creativity. From that moment he has been inspired to create incredible tiny homes that meet the diverse needs of those dedicated to micro living.

Why Tiny Homes?Borealis Tiny Homes Interior Full View

Inspired by the movement to do more with less, living in a tiny home has many great advantages:

  • reduces energy consumption and utility bills
  • conducive to smarter consumerism
  • reduce the footprint on the land
  • increases disposable income
  • improves access to home ownership
  • helps money goes farther with higher quality finishing and living environment

Northern Tiny Homes?Borealis Tiny Homes Cozy Interior

When researching tiny homes and plans, Marco noticed that many of the designs were similar to RVs, where most of the plumbing and floor insulation were not adapted to northern climates.

Having a home that is comfortable in all of northern BC’s seasons is so important, so he has modified the classic design to build a tiny home better suited to the climate.

Marco Giroux’s Vision

With a Borealis Tiny Home no compromises need to be made. The entire home can include both quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Comparatively many renovation clients dealing with conventional homes are often limited in the scope of a project. This is because the home’s size and available budget allows only a few rooms in a house to be renovated. When choosing a micro home you can live tiny and still live large!

Borealis-Tiny Homes Owner Marco Giroux

About Marco Giroux

Marco Giroux has been involved in construction his entire life. After building his home in 2006 in the Arts & Crafts style, he had many people approach him to do projects in their own homes, which led him to, in 2007, open Marco’s Carpentry Services situated in Prince George, BC, Canada.